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Bean Around The World

The Bean was born in an era when we still listened to cassettes in our cafés. More importantly, it was also the era of Vancouver’s “second-wave” coffee boom. West Coast coffee culture is thriving.

Bella Roma Pizzaria

Visit Bella Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant, and meet executive Chef, Jimmy Khinda, master of Italian cuisine. A friendly smile welcomes you to Bella Roma. If you wish, ask your server and invite Jimmy to your table and say “hello”!

Burgoo Point Grey

Burgoo came to life because we believe everyone needs a little comfort and a place to enjoy some great comfort food. No matter what the season is, a tiny bit of comfort can go a long way to making someone’s day more satisfying.

Enigma Urban Eatery & Bar

Our Chefs are passionate about local, sustainable, high quality food with a creative, innovative approach to creating dishes that not only satisfy you, but exceed all expectations.

Everyday Sushi

Everyday Sushi Restaurant opens its door to all fans of high-quality Japanese cuisine by serving fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sushi along with extremely fresh Japanese specialties.

Four Olives Restaurant

Welcome to Four Olives. We offer a casual Mediterranean fusion dining experience with upscale ambiance. We strive to make your dining experience perfect.

Ginger & Chili

Ginger & Chili is a proud Point Grey resident having served the community with our delicious Szechuan style influenced dishes for the past 20+ years! Popular items include House Special Ginger Beef and General Tso’s Chicken.

Hime Sushi

Hime is a classic, simple Japanese eatery that offers generous lunch and dinner specials, located right in the centre of Point Grey offering dishes incorporated with the traditional roots of Japanese cuisine and touch of western culture. 

Mix The Bakery

Enjoy goodies created with time-honoured techniques, balanced with unique flavours and textures. Our handmade free form breads include varieties from around the world, each are designed to our high-quality standards.

Rice Burger

Rice burgers originated from Japan, and after its inception, popularity skyrocketed across Asia. Rice Burger is excited to with you on their take on this Japanese classic as an alternative to the traditional hamburger!

The Kitchen on Sasamat

Located in the heart of Point Grey, “The Kitchen” is a family-owned business since 2007. We offer authentic Korean cuisine and create fresh, healthy and flavorful homemade food.

Yi Fang Fruit Tea

Yi Fang Fruit Tea is a tea shop that serves bubble tea and various tea. We are well known for their Yi Fang fruit tea, which is packed with fresh fruits. Our pearls are handmade and cooked with golden brown sugar.

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